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Nothing is said about natural peoples procreating in the New Heavens that I can find.

But regarding the new Earth? Yes, natural people will live forever having families and population not only the Earth but the entire universe.

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Sex chat new Jerusalem new Heaven and the New Earth are the result of the renovation by fire of 2 Peter 3: The destruction of the old sinful order on Earth will end and the renovation by fire will be the last time in all eternity that any part of the universe will be marred by sin and the rebellion of the creatures therein.

There will be natural men on this Earth Marathon lonely woman and Sex chat new Jerusalem natural life will nea in all eternity as God intended when He Sed such life on Earth. In Isa. In Rev.

Such would not be true if these men were glorified saints, for God has been dwelling with them for 1,years Sex chat new Jerusalem these Scriptures are fulfilled. The Earth was created to be inhabited by natural beings and natural man was promised the Earth as an eternal inheritance from the very beginning Ex. All these passages were spoken to earthly people and will be fulfilled when earthly people inherit the Earth after the Milennium. Glorified saints will reign as kings and priests under Christ over these earthly peoples forever Dan.

Those people who live on Earth during the Schat sex in Metheringham will not be glorified and enter into the same priviliges as the saints who have part in the first resurrection and who were glorified before the Millennium, for if the earthly people were glorified then who would Sex chat new Jerusalem the subjects of the eternal kingdom that Christ and the pre-millennial glorified saints rule over?

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Sex chat new Jerusalem Who would marry and reproduce Sex chat new Jerusalem natural generations of men on the eternal earth? God created man to live forever in the natural body, as is clear from the fact fhat man would have lived a natural life forever if he had not sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The penalty fro mans sin was deathphysical, spiritual and eternal death.

However the fall of man did not cause God to change His original and eternal plan for mankind on Earth.

God cannot and will not in the end suffer defeat. The Bible plainly declares there will be eternal generations of natuiral peoples Gen. Its the natural people who will continue on forever as God planned, not glorified resurrected saints who took part in the first resurrection! I believe their will be children among Sex chat new Jerusalem people.

Sex chat new Jerusalem

So I am thinking their will be among those people. Although I could be wrong. I find this topic very interesting, in Sex chat new Jerusalem, but the atmosphere was getting really harsh in the last thread. I decided to move on and concentrate on "faith vs.

Earlier question. Sex in the new Heaven and Earth? - Apologetics - Worthy Christian Forums

Isaiah Brother Paul. What About the Resurrection?

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The first died after he had married, and having no offspring, left his wife to his brother. For they all had her.

God is not the Sex chat new Jerusalem of the dead, but of the living. So my question is if there won't be marrying nor people given in marriage how will there be sex in the new Heaven and Earth?

God bless. Isn't sex a desire of the flesh? It's only after their fall that they began having children.

Have you ever noticed that when you are filled with the Holy Spirit that nothing else matters? Besides why Jerussalem need to keep creating lives when we are immortal? We're talking about big time overpopulation of the new Sex chat new Jerusalem if it was so Just my personal opinion. Apologetics Search In.

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Sex in the new Heaven and Earth? Earlier question. Recommended Posts. Posted October 13, What do you think?

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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. No, their will not be sex in heaven or the new earth for us who have been resurrected.

But I wish you are continuing a good debate. Posted October 14, God bless, GE.

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Posted October 21, All this makes me smile! Guest DRS Posted October 25, Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.