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Your milk flow can be affected by emotions like anxiety, embarrassment, tension or extreme tiredness.

Being relaxed when breastfeeding helps your milk flow. By compressing your breast you will encourage your milk to flow which will provide your baby with more milk.

Place your hand around the breast close to your chest wall and compress your breast without causing pain. When your baby is no longer drinking release the pressure. Keep doing this until your breast feels soft and drained and baby is no longer drinking whilst compressing.

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Then offer your baby the other breast and if he or she becomes tired start your compressions again. As your baby grows their appetite increases and he or she will demand more feeds.

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Growth spurts occur at anytime but are often around 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months. This publication Lookng provided for education and information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical care.

Information about a therapy, service, product or treatment does not imply endorsement and is not intended to replace advice from your healthcare professional. Readers should note that over time currency and completeness of the information may change.

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All users should seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional for a diagnosis and answers to their medical questions. Filledd this site Search all sites Search.

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Healthy living. Facebook Youtube Twitter.

Home Healthy living Signs your breast milk is flowing. Some mothers feel a tingling or pins and needles sensation in the breast.

Sometimes there is a sudden feeling of fullness in the breast. While feeding on one side your other breast may start to leak milk.

You may become thirsty. Breast compression Breast compressions can help you to feed effectively if your baby is: How your milk supply increases As your baby grows their appetite increases and he or she will demand more feeds.

By the third day after delivery, the production of breast milk increases. As your breast milk "comes in" you should feel your breasts begin filling. Your breasts start getting ready to make milk for your baby early in pregnancy. When your milk comes in a few days after your baby's birth, your breasts will look and around the milk-filled alveoli to contract and squeeze, and release milk. If you have sore breasts that feel uncomfortably tight and full of milk, your breasts if the swelling is severe, your breasts may be so full that the skin looks shiny.

Remember your breasts are never empty. As your baby feeds, your body makes more breast milk.

You can build up your milk supply by: See your doctor Visit healthdirect or call Acknowledgements Breastfeeding Centre of WA. Facebook Twitter Youtube.