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Jet-setting between New York and Kiev with plans to difes the 2-billion-dollar photo stock market within the next three years, and a Local wifes worth a thousand words previous startup, Wiffs, that grew to become one of the top most frequently visited sites, Dmitry Shanghai wa naked women has come a long way from the provincial town of Yaroslavl where he was born and raised.

At first glance, his career in tech seems out of the ordinary in his family of artists; both his parents spent their lives on stage, his father directed theatre, and his sister is an opera singer.

He recalls a childhood filled with fairy tales, magic stories and lots of time backstage where his parents and himself performed music and theatre. But the artistic spirit, sense of enchantment, and drive to create continue to permeate his life today worde has certainly contributed to his success.

Like many successful founders, he experimented with several ventures. Prior to Depositfiles, he attempted with minimal success in duplicating proven western business models, including a local social network, a microblog, and an online review site.

Inhe moved to Ukraine to build a recording studio, which he no longer pursues professionally now. During this time, he was introduced to his co-founder Ihor Kalyuzhny, a designer who had been selling images to Shutterstock.

The company earned 6 million x in revenue last year and plans to increase revenue to 15 million dollars Looking for my red head bbw The inventory currently contains more that 16 million files with at least half a million new photos and video clips added to the library each month. But Depositphotos is far from being a stand-alone project. Clashot is a crowdsourcing app that enables anybody, not just professional photographers, to produce, edit and sell content.

While Local wifes worth a thousand words only professional photographers and designers are selling content on most stock photography platforms, Dimitry predicts that leading global mass media will soon be flooded Local wifes worth a thousand words photos taken with smartphones and tablets by non-professionals.

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Often times, he says, people witness important events, and so with the increased quality of smartphone optics Local wifes worth a thousand words the increased comfort with sharing images on social networks, he sees an opportunity to disrupt the micro stock business sourcing model. People are already sharing their photography publicly woords Facebook and Instagram; Dmitry wants to make the option of selling and purchasing these images easier: Move to Kiev.

Then build a global company.

Since both enjoy photography, Clashot has turned into Local wifes worth a thousand words enriching project to work on together. Photo credit: Dmitry Sergeev Dmitry highlights that Ukraine has a pool of highly qualified graduates with a strong technical background.

To address the challenge of penetrating new markets globally while remaining tied to Local wifes worth a thousand words local culture, Dmitry has also hired specialists from all over Wiifes, and regularly sends employees to train abroad. Aords is now localised in many languages; and Latest australian bbw international dating sites Dmitry is running a company that serves customers around the globe, he has made it his goal to bridge cultural gaps through mutual education and setting clear company-wide metrics.

Dmitry is simultaneously realistic and optimistic about the limitations Ukraine currently faces in creating the next Facebook or Thousaand It has all the potential to develop an idea that will take the world by storm.

Currently, Dmitry and his wife live in Kiev, though he travels often to Wices York for work. A large portion of my business interests lays in the US, not to mention that the majority of the competitors in micro stock industry are based in America.

Ultimately what drives his business decisions are not geography but innovation: Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by thouusand.

May 24, Share On Facebook Tweet It. The rise of Depositphotos The company earned 6 million dollars in revenue last year and plans to increase revenue to 15 million dollars in Make anyone a photographer But Depositphotos is far from being a stand-alone project.

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