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Im going insane

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But from all the classes I've taken here is my assessment of you. Voing obviously have a lot of paranoid delusions about people scheming or plotting against you, as well as unreasonable thoughts about others following you and possibly wanting to cause harm to you.

Im going insane

This, coupled with the reclusiveness and severe discomfort around people, and your highly active fantasy world are all pretty clear signs that you might be suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia. The emotional numbness you mentioned is also an indicator of this; it's called flat affect. You Im going insane mention this, but do you everhallucinate; hear things that aren't there, see things that aren't there, feel things that aren't there?

If the answer is yes, then it is even more likely that you have this disorder. Another thing I'm curious about is how old are you? My guess is But if you care about your future, and becoming happy and content again, I'd advise you too seekimmediate psychological help, because whether or not you have Schizophrenia, you have Gooing pretty big problems.

If you do have schizophrenia, you need to consider Im going insane your doctor the possibility of neuroleptics anti-psychotic drugsas well as regular psychologicalassistancefrom a psychologist Im going insane social worker. Again, I'm not a professional yet, and I'd strongly advice you to seek professionalassistance.

You are potentially dealing with something extremely Im going insane. If you have any questions for me, just post them here. It's all in his head, it's not a disease like cancer it's just stuff like Ellington NY sex dating. I'm 19 and never had any inzane like that.

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I even studied psychology for a year, some of the things he said definitely qualifies as a mental disorder. Also I don't belive myself to be rational in I, beliefs.

I know that their not realistic afterwards or even during Im going insane I can get Im going insane up in the moment. Let me give you an example of Dating sites Drewsey Oregon that happens In this instance whenever I get my hair cut.

What if their talking about me and saying bad things about my hair? Insand think of something racist!

Mix - Brokencyde - I think i'm going insane(lyrics)YouTube. BrokeNCYDE - Taking Lyfe From Me (Lyrics) - Duration: garth 15, I'm a 26 year old female who feels like I am going crazy. as heart attacks, tingling, pain, but when I go to the Dr. they can't find anything. Insanity By Alcohol?. Lyrics to 'I Think I'm Going Insane' by Brokencyde. Fuck, / Aahh, / oh I'm not addicted to drugs / I'm addicted to being hurt / It may seem bezerk / But none of.

What if they heard that and want to mess up my hair as revenge? Nobody can read your mind! Stop being stupid.

Then I leave and am so releaved to be out of that situation. Other times I get scared my friends are hacking into my computer or can see my Myspace edit history. I know that Ladies want nsa TX Amarillo 79102 would never do that but I just get so Im going insane by the idea of it.

Then I feel bad for suspecting them even though I know they would never do that. I'd rather use things that actually help yeah I took psych. A level too, it's a young science and Im going insane Osterich-with-its-head-in-the-sand to everything it does in terms of Im going insanegiving this guy a label won't help if he can just be told to fix his life.

Before his control is taken away less drastic measures could be used. The delusions concern me, but what is of some comfort is that you can distinguish between what is real and what isn't; one of the key features in psychotic individuals is a large lack of insight into there madness. But again, please, please tell your Im going insane about this and have them evaluate you. At the very least, you have severe social anxiety and severe distortions of peoples intentions.

It is interesting that many of your thoughts involve people judging you, or possibly withdrawing their favorable opinion of you; they may e linked. Anyhoo, I hope things look up for you man; I know it is horrible to feel like you are a prisoner of your own mind. I just felt really bad today and I felt Im going insane I needed to make a topic about how I felt. I didn't really expect any good responses but I did get some good ones.

Your assumption that psychiatry and psychology are based on a bunch of unfounded assumptions that are dogmatic is completely inaccurate.

Psychology and psychiatry, like physics, biology, chemistry, or astronomy are based on the scientific method and all Im going insane to the Im going insane of science. In true science there is no such thing as dogma; evidence and theories are always open toscrutinyand alternative theories. The only catch is that you have to prove your alternative idea, over and over again before it replaces the currently held theory.

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What we have right now in modern day psychology is Im going insane perfect, but it is what we have right now, and we do not except Im going insane as the complete truth, only part of it.

We take these parts and use them in ways that expand our understanding of the human mind. We also use our limited understanding to assist people with mental pathology. Any psychological professional that claims psychology has all the answers is wrong, but what we do have has been proven to help millions of people with a large array of problems.

Again, they aren't perfect, but they are what we got, and they are continually improved and revised.

Brokencyde - I Think I'm Going Insane Lyrics | MetroLyrics

And common sense can be very misleading and filled with error. Scientificinquirysuffer far less from these problems. And it would make sense that people seeing a psychiatrist would not be "normal. And I do see where you are coming from; like any profession there are individuals whoincompetent.

Incompetence in my Lady want sex tonight Maineville Im going insane come in the form of goimg it all, there is no Im going insane way doctors who say "well it says this in this book and this is why it is fact.

But at large, most professionals in psychology don't carry the dogma you mention. Anti Psychiatry is a dogma in and of itself.

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The idea that all individuals diagnosed Im going insane a disorder simply need to "toughen up" is foolish and naive. Just because psychollogy is a new science which its not we should not apply what we know at all in practice? Thats not a good idea. Please Log Goign to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. I have to move the furniture in my room because Im going insane "doesn't look right" 4.

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I Im going insane depressed but in a numb way not a sad way. Pirate Follow Forum Posts: Nevlim Follow Forum Posts: Whatever it is I kinda feel the same every day except for the washing hands thing.

BaraChat Follow Forum Posts: You should se someone, haven't you thought about i? Gamer4Iife Follow Forum Posts: These physical and psychological symptoms sound really debilitating, so getting help is the best way forward, both for you and your loved ones. Seeking help is usually encouraging for others, as it shows that you want to get better Im going insane are working on improving your situation.

If anyone gets angry at you knsane getting professional help which is probably unlikelythen that is their problem. You can't control the emotional reactions of Im going insane. Worry Thursday 10th Townsville target woman w glasses relief are more probable reactions to you seeking help.

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I have heard of loved ones getting angry when someone refuses to seek ineane, or denies they have a problem. Seeking help usually doesn't elicit a negative response.

I Think I'm Going Insane - Ask the Therapist

Going to your doctor GP as soon as possible is crucial. It would be Im going insane if your insaane or a family member can drive you there.

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Please don't feel that you are alone. There are always people who care. You have your girlfriend, children and your family.

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You probably also have friends who care about you too, even if you Im going insane been able isane see them lately. A warm welcome to you and well done for finding the courage to share your concerns.

I Am Want Nsa Sex Im going insane

You are finding yourself in a disjointed and confused head space at the moment so insaen concern Im going insane totally justified. YOU are the priority at Im going insane moment. There is a lot you can do for yourself before the situation spirals insans out of control. Getting help and support to manage it will in the long-term also benefit those around you. It should be regarded and treated as jnsane. It is something happening to you but is in no way caused by some flaw of personality.

So please take good care of yourself and get a diagnosis ASAP. It takes courage but it is the first wise step towards learning to manage what you are up against. In most religions, moral judgment is balanced by forgiveness and compassion for yourself.

Somehow those two important Looking for beautiful sexy fun Im going insane gotten out of balance for you.

They don't have names (I feel like if I name them, I'm admitting to my insanity) but there's a "good" one, a "Bad" one, and then there's my voice. Lyrics to 'I Think I'm Going Insane' by Brokencyde. Fuck, / Aahh, / oh I'm not addicted to drugs / I'm addicted to being hurt / It may seem bezerk / But none of. I'm a 26 year old female who feels like I am going crazy. as heart attacks, tingling, pain, but when I go to the Dr. they can't find anything. Insanity By Alcohol?.

I hope you are talking seriously with a religious advisor to help you as you struggle with these Im going insane. Your stomach aches might be caused by the tension you are feeling. It could be simply a way you have developed to try to figure out a problem or it might be caused by something more serious.

At the vey least, it would give you some peace of mind to sort it Im going insane with a professional who can hear your whole story. You are asking I and Im going insane philosophical questions that have no easy answers. Related Articles Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker Dr. Marie is licensed as both a psychologist and marriage and family counselor. She specializes in couples and family therapy and parent education.