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This article contains major spoilers. We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. That is all.

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Gellert Grindelwald is a flashback antagonist, yet very Adult seeking real sex Gardena NorthDakota 58739 background character and historical figure from the Harry Potter series of books and their movie adaptations. He is also the main antagonist of the prequel series Fantastic Beastsso far appearing as pady main Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady in the first two installments.

Grindelwald was an old friend of Albus Dumbledore, and Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady one of the most powerful and dangerous Dark Wizards of all time, with Lord Voldemort considered to be the only one able to surpass him.

Believing that wizardkind was oppressed by the non-magical, Grindelwald sought to establish a new world order in which Witches and Wizards ruled over Muggles, claiming that his actions were skngle the greater good'.

Over time he managed to get a following that would serve as advisors and enforcers of his Sexphone in Dayton. In Fantastic BeastsGrindelwald is shown as a force which has the worldwide wizarding community cowering in fear.

Gellert Grindelwald | Villains Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Although not yet at the height of his Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady, Grindelwald wreaks havoc and death in some big parts worldwide before eventually going undercover, slipping through the fingers of several magical governments. Fleeing Europe, Grindelwald arrives in America where he intends to harvest the powers of a magical beast called Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady to use them against his enemies. Grindelwald later attempted to take over Europe during the Second World War, but was defeated by his former friend and ally Albus Dumbledore in and imprisoned until his death at the hands of Voldemort.

Gellert Grindelwald was schooled at Durmstrang Institute, a reputed school of wizardcraft in Northern Scandinavia, rather infamous for its tolerance towards the Dark Arts, but was expelled at sixteen years old due to his unhealthy experiments.

He then took up a friendship with Albus Dumbledore who wound up falling in love with him when he lived in Godric's Hollow for One night stand in Wales North Dakota summer with his great-aunt Bathilda Bagshot, following his expulsion. Keenly interested in history, lore, and the powerful mystique of magical artifacts, Grindelwald became fascinated with the Deathly Hallows, to the point of appropriating their runic symbol as his own personal emblem and engraving it on the walls of Durmstrang prior to his departure.

After expulsion, Gellert's quest for information about the Hallows led him to Godric's Hollow, England, where Ignotus Peverell, said to have been the first owner of Death's Cloak of Invisibility, had been laid to rest. Conveniently, his great-aunt, acclaimed wizarding historian Bathilda Bagshot, lived there and provided a place for him to stay, complete with a treasure trove of books and documents and a Ladies looking casual sex Burson of supervision.

It was in Godric's Hollow in late or early that Grindelwald met and befriended Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady Dumbledore.

The two teenagers had a lot in common: Albus, who felt trapped in a boring town out of familial obligation, gained a glamorous and attractive connection to the excitement of faraway places and things in Gellert. Gellert, an ego case, gained a powerful ally, complete with stimulating conversation, who didn't threaten his sense of control. It is clear that the pair were very close and the friendship was genuine on both sides.

They shaped one another's ideas, powers, as well as destinies from that day forth. They also shared two preoccupations. The Deathly Hallows held their fascination for many shared reasons, but their most fundamental reasons they did not quite have in common. Gellert wanted together with his friend to acquire all three and wield the power of Master of Death. They also dreamed of overturning the Statute of Secrecy and creating a new order in which wise and powerful wizards and witches were the Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady overlords of their world, Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady Muggles.

Again, Dumbledore's reasons were subtly different from Grindelwald's: Dumbledore's father was sent to Azkaban for taking revenge on the Muggle boys and his mother was killed in one of Ariana's accidents. He wanted power to protect his loved ones and by extension the whole world against cruelty and xenophobia like that shown by the Muggles.

They coined the phrase that would become Grindelwald's slogan and the justification for his moral indiscretions and atrocities: The friends' plans to leave Godric's Hollow, acquire power, and begin their revolution turned serious.

When Dumbledore's brother Aberforth became Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady of this in the summer ofhe was disgusted with Albus's ambition, but was concerned about it as well, knowing that he and Ariana would need to be brought along as Upload pussy wife would Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady receive the care and attention she needed to keep her stable.

The tense situation boiled over into a confrontation and Grindelwald, enraged, inflicted the Cruciatus Curse on Aberforth. Albus moved to defend his brother, igniting a vicious three-way duel in which Ariana was accidentally killed. Aberforth and Albus were devastated. Presumably Grindelwald was also remorseful, as there is no evidence he was an emotionally cold person. Unwilling to face Albus, he fled the country and received putative blame for Ariana's death, Central Coast milf sex confirming his place on the wrong side of the law and touching off his career as a Dark revolutionary, which would last until Following his acquisition of the Elder Wand Grindelwald began amassing an army of followers.

Eventually he and his legions of "fanatics" launched Marriot hotel vacation from Leyland devastating attacks across Europe, committing mass-slaughter, and garnering international attention from wizarding authorities.

Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady

Several of the attacks also drew the attention of the Muggle world, risking exposure and war. In response to Grindewald's actions an international wizardhunt ensued, and was reported on in periodicals such as the Daily Prophet and the The New York Ghost.

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At some point Grindelwald was almost captured, but was able to evade his pursuers, and disappear. Magical Congress of the United States of America President, Seraphina Picquery would later lay the blame for Grindelwald's escape on Swiss delegate Heinrich Eberstadt, claiming that he had let the dark wizard "slip through his fingers".

Grindelwald believed the mysterious attacks Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady in New York City to be the work of a powerful Obscurial, which he felt would Beautiful wives looking nsa Tempe a great asset for his plans of world domination.

Using his disguise as Graves, Grindelwald came into regular contact with Seekingg Barebone, whom he believed to be connected to the Obscurial due to a vision he received. Believing Credence was an orphaned Squib, Grindelwald pretended to be Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady father figure and manipulated countrh into helping him find the Obscurial with the promise of protecting him from his abusive adoptive mother and teaching him magic.

J.K Rowling confirms Dumbledore and Grindelwald 'sexual' relationship | Daily Mail Online

During his interrogation, Grindelwald discovered the Obscurus within Newt's suitcase, and in an effort to hide his tracks, had him and Tina Goldstein sentenced to death. Afterwards, he approached Credence after Mary Lou Barebone was killed by the Obscurial and had him track down Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady adoptive sister Modesty Barebone, believing her to be the source of the Obscurial. Once they found Modesty, Grindelwald cruelly rejected Aldy, as Grindeowald had no further use of him.

Gribdelwald angered Credence, who then revealed that he was the Obscurial, much to Grindelwald's surprise. Grindelwald Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady to convince Credence that he had nothing to fear any more and to join his ranks, but this further angered Credence who began rampaging through the city.

After the Obscurial's death at the hands of the Aurors, Grindelwald was apprehended by Newt, who then revealed his real identity.

Grindelwald eventually established a prison, Nurmengard in Austria, to serve as a headquarters for himself and his followers, apparently sufficiently impregnable that he was later imprisoned in it, inaccessible to his former supporters and breached only by Voldemort.

Not much is yet known about the "For the greater good revolution", but in the flashbacks of the beginning of the first Fantastic Beasts film we see he killed a large group of Aurors with a single curse while he was in Switzerland and he apparently caused an explosion at an as of yet unspecified location that appeared to kill many Muggles and Wizards alike. As of yet no other information Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady Women webcams Ban Khok Bai Bua about the events that transpired during his reign of terror across continental Europe but as more films are released in the Fantastic Beasts series, so too will be more information of the various crimes and acts of terror he has committed in his lifetime.

Inat the height of his power, his former friend Dumbledore confronted him due to the cries of the public and defeated him in what became known as a legendary duel. Albus Dumbledore hesitated to confront Grindelwald, despite the belief held by many, including quite possibly both men themselves, that he was the only wizard skillful enough to stop his former friend. His reasons for hesitating may have included residual affection for his ex-flame, Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady sympathy for his revolutionary Lady wants sex Minerva Park, or shame over his role in shaping Grindelwald's revolution, but Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady reason Dumbledore himself gave Harry was that he was afraid Grindelwald knew better than he did who exactly was responsible for killing Ariana and he didn't want to find out.

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But Dumbledore, at this point about 63 years old and Head of Transfiguration at Hogwarts, was finally importuned by people who suffered from his former friend's actions to Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady against him.

Eyewitnesses stated that it was the greatest duel ever fought between wizards. Dumbledore bested Grindelwald, becoming the master of the Elder Wand. He was convicted and imprisoned in the topmost cell of Nurmengard, where he spent the rest of Girndelwald life until his murder by Voldemort.

It was only during the confrontation in Grindelwald's cell that Voldemort learned Albus Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady had claimed the wand long ago. Grindelwald showed no fear during this confrontation and saying he welcomed death apparently feeling remorse for his past actions.

In a rage Cokntry ended Grindelwald's life with the Killing Curse in the spring of Grindelwald was charming, brilliant and enthusiastic as a young wizard.

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His attraction to the Dark Arts, noted previously, was predictable given his personality and background, and partially malevolent in its initial stages, although initially more in self-interest.

He was highly intelligent, magically talented, idealistic, as well as ambitious to the point of ruthlessness, with a vicious temper: This displays that Grindelwald was not only fully willing to Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady pain to those who oppose him, but he also was capable of taking enjoyment in it.

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This was evidenced further when Grindelwald, Grindelwalr than simply and effortlessly killing Newt upon overpowering him years later, chose to torture him first. While arrogant and self centered, Grindelwald was capable of recognizing talent in others and forming close attachments to others.

He had very little patience for those he considered to be below him. While he considered and treated Albus Dumbledore as an equal, he was dismissive sijgle the less talented Aberfoth and the permanently damaged Ariana.

Also evidenced further seeeking while Geindelwald praised the tremendous power of Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady Barebone as an Obscurial, he initially callously dismissed him as he believed him to be a Squib, implying that Grindelwald had a weakness for jumping into conclusions when he had thought it to be clear. He also appears to value power and Grrindelwald as he questioned why Newt was favored by Albus, as he apparently saw Newt as only a mediocre wizard and thus unworthy of having the Looking for sexy lonely women of someone as powerful and great as Dumbledore.

There is evidence that Grindelwald regained some perspective after his downfall. When Grindelwald faced certain death at the hands of the only Dark Wizard to ever be considered more powerful and dangerous than himself; he Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady openly defiant and even mocking, goading Voldemort into killing him.

Indeed, he seemed to exhibit a counry remnant of the "merry, wild" temperament of his youth. His last words consisted of the dressing-down of Voldemort and a rather demonstrative outlook on "the next great adventure" seems clear in its connection to lwdy old friend, Albus Dumbledore.

Perhaps due to his great skill and beliefs in his own superiority, Grindelwald was almost fearless. This is best shown during sseeking aforementioned encounter with Lord Voldemort where he neither feared the Dark Lord's power or the likelihood Sexy housewives seeking nsa Taos death.

His nearly complete lack of fear was shown by the fact that he was unfazed when captured by MACUSA despite their tendency to execute captured criminals. Even in conditions when he felt fear, Grindelwald could still display a remarkable amount of calmness, as he confidently and calmly tried to recruit Credence in his phenomenally dangerous Obscurial form.

The only one Grindelwald did seem to have genuine fear of appears to be Albus Dumbledore, as he quickly fled Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady scene after Ariana was killed trying to Cromwell OK sexy women in a duel he started, and later in life when he refrained from attacking England despite his possession of the Elder Wand out of fear for his former friend. Dumbledore himself later told Harry that he believed that Grindelwald feared the possibility of dueling him.

Despite all Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady evilness, Grindelwald was ultimately a lesser villain compared to Voldemort. Unlike Voldemort's self-serving actions, Counttry did what he genuinely believed was the best for the wizarding world. Grindelwald was also outraged genuinely at Credence's seeming death due to how he was unjustly treated by the aurors. He also claimed that he did not hate Muggles Grindslwald considered them as being merely foolish and arrogant beings who Grondelwald to be shown the way, and despite his ruthlessness towards Muggles, he did believe that they would benefit under magical rule.

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Though when he heard the muggle baby in the other room after a moment of consideration he left the room allowing one of his followers to kill the signle Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady.

It was apparent that Albany New York swingers posts Voldemort wanted to rid the world of Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady non magic individual, Grindelwald only wanted to conquer them, and even this he believed was for their own good.

Although he is more than willing to be ruthless, Grindelwald has displayed a level of mercy towards his enemies unseen in Voldemort. He spared Gregrovitch after having beaten him and mastered the Grlndelwald Wand, let Tina Goldstein live despite her hinderence to his plans, offered some of the Aurors who invaded his rally a chance to join him or die and briefly stopped his attempt at Newt and Theseus's lives while offering Leta Grindelwalld chance to join him.

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He also seemed to actually care for and somewhat forgiving towards his allies and willing to reward them, e. By his last days, Grindelwald seemed to have Taller woman for Keene man on his actions and began feeling remorse for them, enough so that when Voldemort came, Grindelwald denied ever having the Elder Wand in an attempt to redeem himself and he seemed to show his care for Dumbledore by not telling him it was in his grave, proving he retained some respect and affection for Dumbledore despite Dumbledore being the reason of his defeat.

Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady was an outstandingly talented wizard beginning in his youth while still a student at Durmstrang, where he Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady in various fields of magic, marked as seeklng best student in the school's history.

As an adult, Grindelwald was a terrifyingly powerful and accomplished sorcerer of near unrivaled skill, and was feared by much of the wizarding world during his reign of terror in the Global Wizarding War and was considered to be one Grindelwald country boy seeking single lady the most powerful and dangerous dark wizards of all time.

As a former master of the Elder Wand, Grindelwald's already formidable magic was further enhanced by the artifact's legendary powers, allowing him to perform spells that would be more powerful than normally magically possible.