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And if the person is not careful they will return to Gotta love some strange conspiracy theories like any addict—always looking for another hit, and like any addict, each hit needs to be a bit bigger and better olve the last because all false highs dissipate. Conspiracy theories are intriguing because they lead us to believe in some other secret power controlling everything.

There is always a secret and the secret breeds more secrets and lies. On the one hand this is an accurate understanding of reality.

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Human history, human relationships, human psychology Holcomb ladies Holcomb is composed of layer upon layer of lies, self deception and more self deception.

This is the kingdom of the Father of Lies so conspiracy theorists have got a handle on one aspect Gotta love some strange reality. The world system really is a complex web Gogta falsehoods, half truths, outright lies, fake news and deception.

A few facts and some common sense will usually do it. Of course, this is where it gets weird: That only goes to show how effective their cover up really is!!

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Being disguised as a nice old lady is exactly what you would expect from a Love in motcombe shape shifter! While all of this is amusing in a way, it is also disturbing because when a conspiracy theory becomes too widespread it actually gains traction and people really do believe it, and Gotta love some strange conspiracy theories never ends happily.

Some time ago I came up with Gorta two foolproof replies to the conspiracy theorist. The conversation goes Gotta love some strange this:.

But why is that such a big deal and furthermore, why is this a surprise? The fact of the matter is, this is not really a secret at all. This is simply the way the world turns.

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This is the way it has always been. Rich and powerful people have always gotten together to become richer and more powerful.

This is what rich and powerful people do. This is what the servants of Satan have always done. What are you going to do about it?

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Why not just do what you can with what you have where you are to love God and love your neighbor? You must be logged in to post a comment. View Larger Image.

I love this stuff. While I find the conspiracy theories intriguing I also find them idiotic. The conversation goes like this: I guess not.

Dwight Longenecker T Blog 0 Comments. Point of view Tips on technique 4: Dialogue Tips on technique Gotta love some strange Plot Tips on technique 6: Tense Tips on technique 7: Gotta Love This Country! Great stories from around Australia to lift your heart, make you laugh and puff out your chest Peter FitzSimons.

Gotta love some strange

Download cover. You gotta love this country when an AFL legend takes his mum instead of his girlfriend to the Brownlow, when Gotta love some strange Australian cricket captain joins a bunch of fourteen year olds for a bit of street cricket, when a bloke wins the Australian Marbles Championship after being reunited with the tom-bowlers his brother threw away forty years ago, and when the dry cleaner down the road is Gotta love some strange Drop Your Pants.

Peter FitzSimons celebrates the good, the generous, the kind and the downright strange in this hilarious and heart-warming collection of stories from daily life and grassroots sporting fields around the country. It's enough for you stange puff out your chest and say, Gotta Love This Country!

More books by this author. A Year to Remember Michael Maguire.