Thoughts on fat cells (adipocytes)

Now that it is established that there are stem cells in the interstices of fat (the “pericytes”), easy methods for counting such cells are in the offing. This would be a precursor to introducing better science to the administration of injections derived from fat (lipoaspirates). There are now at least 3 such technologies on the market, which differ not so much in the harvesting of fat (easy) but in the preparation of the injectable material; do you wash it, squeeze it, emulsify it, blend it in a Vitamix? What is the best method?  This issue needs to be resolved by comparing methods and counting the purported stem cells in the preparation, which, not surprisingly, may be vastly different in different people. As with PRP, until a better level of analysis is used, it will be impossible to opine on the effectiveness of these injections with anything other than anecdotal evidence.

One further point: the PRP results at present are so good that any improvement will require lots of patients in a trial to demonstrate superiority. this is a good problem to have!

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