ISSCR Stem Cell Meeting

The recent internatonal stem cell meeting in Boston seen from the perspective of the first meeting (17 years ago) in that city showed great progress in the understanding and the utility of stem cells, for cancer, regenerative medicine, and inflammatory disease; the common origins of such issues (including normal aging) are appearing more and more likely.  In terms of treatment, we are at the cusp- but not yet the reality- of validated stem cell treatments. So far, animal models- not human studies- have the best data. But it is coming.

One issue I follow is the measurement of stem cells, be it from fat or bone marrow, at the point of service; what is the patient actually getting. There are now several inexpensive ways to validate the stem cell content of a preparation. Like we do with PRP, I beleive that this will be essential in measuring the dose of treatment, and it will be an important way to characterize what we are doing, as you would with any drug.