Entrepreneurship and Engineering

Dr. Marcus to teach E & E at George Mason University this Spring Semester 2016.

Hexcite Lecture at Johns Hopkins

On Fri Nov 13 Dr. Marcus spoke to the entrepreneurs at Johns Hopkins Medical School about concepts in funding new ventures. The Group is Called Hexcite!

Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy Now available

We now have access to a source of stem cells derived from healthy deliveries (C sections) and screened thoroughly by an accredited tissue bank. These are allograft cells, meaning, from a different person, and do not require tissue matching because they do not possess immunogenic surface antigens.  The cells arrive frozen in dry ice, and must be used on the day of arrival. The present plan is to combine the cells with the growth factors of PRP. The cost of these cells is moderate, especially compared with charges for bone marrow aspirate that are offered in other centers.

Please inquire if this exciting new addition to our technology is of interest to you.

July 9 Talk

Dr. Marcus will be in Stuart Florida to talk about Surface and Sub-surface reconstruction of the damaged joint.

Dr. Marcus to speak at Cherry Blossom Orthopedic Seminar

April 5, Waterview Conference Center

Rosslyn Va


Topic: Juvenile Allograft for Cartilage Reconstruction

Sanibel Symposium

Dr. Marcus is to speak on the role of PRP and Cartilage Repair at the forthcoming Sanibel  Perfusion Symposium, Ft. Myers Fla.

Feb 15, 2014.

Dr. Marcus Receives Honor from International Cartilage Repair Society

Dr. Marcus was elected as a Senior Fellow and Honorary member of the ICRS (International Cartilage Repair Society) in recognition of his contributions

to the field and for being a thought leader in cartilage repair.

Dr. Marcus Upcoming Talks

May 2, Tyler Texas

May 16, Shreveport, Louisiana

May 23 Las Vegas Nevada

June 13, Des Moines, Iowa

June 20, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Artthroscopic insertion of Denovo NT

Developments by Dr. Eric Giza (Sacramento, CA) and Dr. Andrew Wolff (Arlington, VA) are pushing the technology of Denovo NT insertion into the realm of arthroscopy.  It is possible to insert the particles of Denovo NT through a tube (cannula)and to glue them in position in either the hip or the ankle joint. Now with over 6000 implants in patients, these improvements will no doubt further the use of this implant.

Stem Cell Claims

I recently returned from the America Academy of Orthopedic Surgery (AAOS) meeting in Chicago and am pleased to report a tide of interest in cartilage repair and stem cells.  There are several new cartilage repair products on the market or soon coming, and the interest of industry is keen, in fact, greater than I have ever seen it before.  Also noted was the presence of FDA representatives at the exhibits, who were apparently checking on “claims” for stem cell preparations and various “off-label” indications of bone marrow aspirate (BMA).  It is good that they should do this, because as has been stated before in this column (and also by the ISSCR (http://www.isscr.org/) stem cell organization) false and premature claims of efficacy are often used to mislead the public.  Not a week goes by that I am not asked by some patient to  put “stem cells” in their knee.  Never mind that the number of stem cells in BMA is quite low, the public is vulnerable to unproven technologies and indeed part of the vulnerability- some would say gullibility- is generated not by industry but by the public themselves.  And of course some physicians willingly cooperate, for a large fee.

IMO, if we are going to promote stem cell therapy (for anything) first we must count and measure and prove that we have stem cells to begin with. Lets start with that.   (http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01273337?term=stroke&rank=112) Then, we can do some studies and perhaps learn something.