Three year Data on Denovo NT

I am now at about 40 cases and 40 months (on the first case) of Denovo NT implantation. The first patient keeps in touch and is the skier video on the home page of this site. She continues to do great, is without any symptoms whatsoever, and after a couple of years of heavy hiking is now training for a 10K. As she has been living out of the country until recently I do not have followup MRI scans, but stay tuned.

To my knowledge none of the Denovo NT cases have as yet required reoperation.  Four of my cases are in the ankle, the remainder in the knee. At least one patient was not satisfied with pain relief even though 3T MR scanning showed defect fill; there have been no documented infections of which I am aware.  I am concluding that we are in the 85-90% range of good to excellent results (so far), and that compares favorably with Carticel (ACI) or any other cartilage procedure.

As with all cartilage repair, durability can only be assessed after more time passes.  At my seminars I am frequently asked about “second look” procedures, which would imply that there is a reason to go back inside the joint and examine the implant.  I have yet to do this on my own cases because there has been no reason to do so.