Second Look Arthroscopy of the Chondrofix Implant

Seldom in today’s environment do we have the opportunity to re-scope a knee that is doing well. In this case the patient sustained a torn meniscus and there was such an opportunity to view the 5 month old Chondrofix Implant, pictured here.

Chondrofix Implanted In Medial Condyle


The implant appears flush with the bone, the matrix layer intact with slight signs of wear. There is no discoloration of the surrounding tissues, and no loose fragments. We will continue to assess durability of these implants over time. At present, I am considering the use of Chondrofix for accessible lesions

in patients who cannot or will not adhere to using crutches for 4 weeks post-op ( see Denovo NT).

Another potential indication for Chondrofix could be those cases of partial knee replacement where a “satellite” lesion is encountered next to the implant. Chondrofix has a shelf life of 24 months and for the latter situation it could therefore be available off the shelf- rather than pre-ordered, which is the case for Denovo NT.