Publication on Denovo NT

There is an ongoing clinical study of 25 patients with Denovo NT, and the two year results are in on the first four patients.

(Cartilage, online edition, print edition pending:pages 1-8, 2011 Farr, J. & Yao, J: Chondral Defect Repair with Particulated Juvenile Cartilage Allograft)

Pain scores are going down, and activity scores have gone up nicely so far. This is just what one would expect with a successful repair technique.   Furthermore, MRI studies confirm my own

personal results, showing excellent “fill” of the cartilage lesions.

Four patients do not (yet) make a persuasive argument, but the trend is clear. All indications so far are that partculate

cartilage grafting can product very good early term results; no doubt critics will then ask for 5 year and then 10 year results.

Only time can address issues of that nature.