PRP in the News

Scarcely a day goes by without some new claim being made for platelet rich plasma (PRP). Last week, at a conference on regenerative medicine in Washington DC, Dr. Alan Mishra of Stanford discussed using PRP to treat ischemic hearts. Granted this was just an animal model, but the possibility is being raised that administration of PRP might be effective in reversing heart muscle damage caused by a heart attack.

I hope our enthusiasm is not dampened by the data, but it is certainly of interest to observe that when a treatment becomes popular it get used on everything. Eventually the dust will settle, and we will better understand not only where & when PRP is effective but–most critically–at what dose.  Right now there are a hodgepodge of devices making different levels of concentrates. Only by standardizing the dose of PRP will be on the right track to compare studies and learn more about treatment outcomes.