Over 6000 Denovo NT Procedures

The adoption of this cell-based technology (Denovo NT) has transformed the cartilage world.  Based upon presentations at meetings, my own experience,  and a preview of some articles about to appear in the medical literature, there is general concensus that this is an effective and safe product; this appears to be true for at least one five year knee study, and for a large cohort of about 100 cases in the ankle.  Some of the studies may have histologic (biospy) results as well as clinical outcomes data.  When available, I will share that here on this web site. We now have a single stage cartilage repair technique with favorable outcomes and a good safety profile.



The major risk of live allograft has been and always will continue to be: infection.  Thusfar, I know only of superficial infections in a very few cases; since the implant cannot be sterilized- it would kill the cells- this will require continued monitoring.

Patients should know that NO SURGERY WILL EVER BE RISK FREE . Quite a few folks also want guaranteed results, and that is just not going to be the case with any technology for any health problem that I know of.

Denovo NT still faces substantial problems of re-imbursement, i.e. will insurance cover it? I think we are just now getting to the point where the case can be made to the various payers; good outcomes,  low risk, single stage…and a price less than 1/10 of ACI (Carticel).