Optimal Candidates for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

All medical therapies have optimal patient “targets”; the old assumption that one size fits all is incorrect, and has led to the new hype about “personalized medicine”. Nevertheless, there are many treatments which work pretty well for most folks- say, within 2 standard deviations from the average- which would comprise about 66% of patients. Forget the exceptions, for now.

The best “average” patient for PRP treatment of osteoarthritis¬† might look like this: Either under 65¬† and/OR very fit and active, on few if any medications, non obese, motivated, AND with X-rays that show SOME joint space remaining. Also, the joint in question should not be very stiff and/or crooked. (Note: Many patients have been informed that their X-rays are “bone on bone” when, in fact, this is not the case)

If we reverse these criteria, the failure rate of therapy will markedly increase; that is to say; folks with zero joint space,  stiff and crooked, overweight and with multiple medical issues might be better served by surgical intervention rather than commit time and resources to injection therapy. There are exceptions. These occur when a person is either unable or unwilling to undergo surgery, sometimes at a point when independence or employment is threatened. In fact, some of m y most notable successes have been in these outlier circumstances.

Therefore, each recommendation has to be individualized.  I am happy to review X-rays for those who have questions. Simply call 703 569 6700 to arrange this electronically.