New Regenerative Medicine Facility

I am now pleased to be able to offer patients a new facility that combines the latest tools in ultrasound imaging technology with the latest developments in regenerative medicine. My aim is to have both the most effective equipment and also the most congenial atmosphere for the non-surgical treatment of  joint disease and tendinitis.

To this end we have re-designed part of the office as shown below. For platelet rich plasma injections (PRP), first we draw the patient’s blood and then analyze it using the cell counter.  There are several reasons for this; each of us has a different level of platelets in the blood, and we are calculating the correct dose. Also, the number of white cells that are present turns out to be very important in the modulation of inflammation; the technology I use is capable of reducing or eliminating white cells in the injection if that is desired.  (It is programmable, in other words.)  Many other PRP technologies on the market do not have this capability and are not comparable to the material I use.

The New facility includes ultrasound, cell counting technology and several PRP separators.

Then, after the PRP is concentrated, I measure the amount of concentration as a quality control measure. Since we know the volume and we know the concentration, we can calculate the dose.  Ongoing studies are being conducted to determine the correct dose for different problems. In this way the use of PRP will become more personalized and specific to each patient.