International Cartilage Research Society (ICRS) Annual Meeting

I recently attended the increasingly popular (1oth) Annual ICRS meeting in Montreal, Canada that brought together physicians and researchers from many countries for a 4 day event.  There were so many presentations it is difficult to offer a summary, but here is some of what I learned and listened to: Platelet Rich Plasma continues its popularity, with better studies coming out but still in need of better classification- the preparations are so different it is impossible to compare studies. Nevertheless, some good work from Italy clearly shows a superiority of PRP to hyaluronic acid for the treatment of osteoarthritis in patients with moderate disease, and especially in patients under 60. More on this to come from a Chicago study to be released soon , but I am told the data will be similar.

Although PRP is not a miracle cure, it is certainly…ubiquitous. And after several years in the limelight, the level of interest is only increasing at this point. More science is mandatory.


PRP is also becoming a component of cartilage repair, at least in some trials put forth by the Arthrex Company, using micronized allograft fragments as well.  Since these fragments have no cells within them, the effect, if there is any, would have to be on the surrounding tissues and bone marrow….

The conference began with a speaker noting the incredible popularity of the Denovo NT product from Zimmer, Inc. With over 4000 procedures performed since 2007, the data are now trickling out on the outcomes and they too look very good at this point.