Fat cells are more important than you think

Adipokines are proteins secreted by fat cells-adipose tissue- that control gene expression in other cells.

In NATURE 23 Feb 2017 some excellent work shows just how the fat cells accomplish this. Hard to believe, but the fat cells actually split off tiny bubbles (called exosomes) that contain RNA in very short sequences. They are therefore called “micro RNAs”; our bloodstream is full of them.  Discovering their use in gene expression shows just how little we really know (as yet) about metabolism.

Fast forward to the Lipogems story, the concept of using fat derived pericytes (MSCs) to heal tissue; it makes more sense the more we know about adipose tissue. It is NOT just a storage tissue (see: www.lipogems.com). Regenerative medicine has a long way to before we understand all pieces of the puzzle, but this is progress.