Early Postoperative Followup of Chondrofix Implants

Please see previous posts regarding the Chondrofix implant, which I began trialling in January of 2011. The above picture shows an MRI exam at 5 months post op, demonstrating (2) plugs in place and a good appearance of integration at the bone level. The cartilage surface also looks quite good. This is a very early timepoint and with only a handful of implants out there in the real world it is still far too early to make any assessment about Chondrofix. these patients have been allowed to walk on the knee very early after surgery, almost immediately in some cases. It is not known if this abbreviated period of rehab is a good idea or not. Notice how the reconstructed cartilage surface is flush with the normal adjacent cartilage.


To be clear, the Chondrofix implant, which comes in many sizes, is a sterilized form of allograft. For this reason it has a long shelf life,is returnable if not used, and also has no living cells.  The latter point is what makes Chondrofix sharply different from Denovo NT. There may be some cases where the virtues of a solid reconstruction outweigh the risks; and conversely, there may be instances where the presence of living tissue is preferable. We are currently in the process of working this out. I think the “take-home message” here is that the cartilage surgeon will have multiple methods of repairing the joint surface.